Active Dogs for Active People
Choosing to continue to live life with alacrity.

With Alacrity* is committed to health, exercise, and a balanced diet for both dogs and people. We see our clients as disAbled, focusing on their abilities. Our clients often don't qualify for traditional programs.

We jokingly call it dissing the dis, and capitalizing the ABILITY.

Our clients, whether walking with difficulty, partially or full time in a wheelchair, are committed to a manual wheelchair. This choice is to remain as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Our program will not initially place a service dog with any client that is in a motorized chair. We don't know of any other program that has this stipulation and we'd be happy to explain why we do.

We are based in the Vail Valley of Colorado, where enjoying the outdoors is a right of life. Physical disabilities are not a limiter to cycling, skiing, & kayaking, just a small sampling of the sports we enjoy here.

Leading an active life of alacrity should not exclude our clients from being matched with a quality trained service dog. Yes, a service dog helps with physical activities. In fact, our service dogs encourage more physical activity, but their companionship offers intellectual and emotional stimulation which is equally important.

Partnership with one of our specially trained dogs enables our clients to gain that extra edge of independence personally and professionally.