What a fun and easy way to raise money for With Alacrity* - Assistance Dogs of Colorado!

Spring 2008

We'll admit up front we started selling bulbs and bare roots with just two weeks left to deadline. What we lacked in time and formal organization, we made up for with zeal. Volunteers Shannon, Laura, Kristin, Janet, & Titus waved brochures, each marked with bright Sharpies to show what was hardy in our area, Zone 4B.

Major kudos go out to the Gypsum branch of Howard Head Sports Medicine. The phsyical therapy patients and staff really stepped up to the garden hoe. Also to the folks at Cathy Thompson's State Farm Agency, and the gals at Aria Spa and the Pet Spot. Also to the crew at our second favorite nonprofit, Habitat for Humanity, who got the garden bug. And much appreciation to the staff & patients at Dr. H.O. Blackwood's orthodontic practice in Shreveport LA for being able to purchase liberally from all the offerings as they are located in Zone 8a! That Dr. B is Titus's dad helped out, but we know his office manager Laura, a great lady, an avid gardener and dog lover, handled the details. Merci!

All tallied, we sold 20 garden collections, 80 sets of bulbs and perennials, and 5 Performance Plus fertilizer bags for $1182.50! With the outstanding profit center of 50% for our nonprofit, we raised $591.25 for With Alacrity*! That's some kibble!

We highly recommend this program to any organization seeking to raise funds. www.flowerpower.org

8 May 08

We discovered Flower Power from Gardener's Supply. The program is sponsered by their sister company Dutch Gardens.

Gardener's has long been a favorite site of ours. Not only have they helped us to raise money for With Alacrity* but through their own generosity helped us locate and join a nonprofit that didn't have any presence in Eagle Valley.

Learn more about Plant a Row for the Hungry here.

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