Living Green
Easy to say but hard to do.

We are going to refer you to folks that are better equipped than we are, and whom we admire. Mind you, we still have some things to say. You can find our opinions on the bottom right of this page.

Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability - our original  green group in the Valley. Great links and great ideas. ReCon is fabulous.


Habitat's ReStore is a major way to recycle & reuse. By donating & purchasing, you are helping to Build Affordable Homes in Partnership with Working Families. Ranch Alacrity doesn't qualify for these benefits but we have saved over $500,000 by shopping at the ReStore in the last year alone.

Grid Feeders is our Local yet Global renewable energy store.

Search out perks available in your area at DSIRE.

It's a very cool thing to have a cooperative for your elecrtric provider. I do love those rebate checks. Better yet, if you are considering renewable energy, Holy Cross has some nice incentives. Check out their Green Programs. While you are on the web site, schedule an energy audit.

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