How not to get LOST on the way to Ranch Alacrity:

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Directions from I-70 Exit 157 Wolcott Colorado:

  • Please do NOT bring your pets to the Ranch without prior approval.
  • Before printing, make sure that all the maps are shown full size. You may need to close "small windows" that cover part of the map.
  • Watch out for Mule Deer on the road, especially at dawn & dusk.
  • Follow posted sign limits. The Sheriff's Department likes to watch this road from the exit ramp all the way up CO-131.

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  • From I-70 W Turn Right. From I-70 E Turn Left.
  • Head North on Bellyache Ridge Road/ CO-131 N approximately .3 miles. You'll be following the signs that point you towards State Bridge & Steamboat Springs ~ .4 miles.
  • Warning: When approaching the I-70 exit from either exit they arrive swiftly and with very little warning, especially in the dark.
    • Heading West, when you see Mile Marker 158, remain in the left hand lane.
    • Likewise when heading East, when you see mile marker 156, hug that left lane.Turn Left at CO-131 N/ US-6 W 
  • Take 1st Right onto CO-131 N ~ 5.7 miles.
  • Note: You are at Mile Marker 0 for CO-131
  • Just after Mile Marker 4 You will see 4 Eagle Ranch on the right.
  • You will enter the curves. Be careful. You will pass Mile Marker 5.
  • After the curves you will see a 50 Miles per Hour sign. This is Optional.

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  • If you speed up, you will only need to slow down. This is a great chance for cars behind you to pass you!
  • You are looking for a Yellow Warning Curve to the Right. Treat it as a Stop Sign. Take a Left onto Alkali Creek Road.

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Really, if you look hard enough in this photo you can see the right curve warning sign, honest! Better yet, in this photo you can see the actual road to take on the left! Yes, it's dirt. Welcome to the country!
  • You are on Alkali Creek Road! ~1.5 miles to the "B" pin.
  • Please call us when you get on the dirt Road. You will lose cell reception once you are off the mesa and that way we will know when to expect you. Think Safety First!

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You'll wander up a Mesa and drop around a curve into a drainage. The road will look like it splits, but that's not real. Bear right through the open gate. You are on Ranch Alacrity! Climb the switchbacks to the T in the Road. 
  • Turn Left at the T. There is a very small sign at the T that says 802 - that's our official address.
  • When you get to the "B" pin bear left and come on HOME.
    Log Cabin with the Green Roof. 
  • When the dogs come out to meet you, don't stop. Keep rolling along slowly. They know to get out of the way.

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  • Come past the Cabin and park on the right. Open your door immediately so the dogs don't jump up on your vehicle.
  • The command for the dawgs is Off!

 If you need help.

  • Yell HELP!
  • Call
    Titus Blackwood 
    Ranch #970-926-0345
    Cell #970-