Just Say No to Power Chairs
If you have the ability to propel yourself, don't give up on yourself.

My Name is Titus and I founded this program. I participate to my fullest, which widely varies, but I enable others to succeed with or without my participation.

Beware, this is a personal story, but personal stories are behind everything.

In 1996 I broke my back, herniated several discs,and didn't get the care I would have given myself as I was on Worker's Comp. Old Story, yadda yadda.

I spent two and a half years house bound crawling on the floor, only getting out in a clunky hospital wheelchair which I couldn't even lift. I couldn't walk more than ten minutes, and that was with a cane and usually a few falls. I became clinically obese - 103 lbs overweight. I was a merchant marine and a ski instructor. I was used to being sporting weight and shape. It wasn't my diet, I had adjusted portions; I simply couldn't move enough. I was in constant, soon to become chronic pain. And then I was offered a power chair.

I asked instead for a manual sports chair. I had taught skiing for the physically disabled and I knew a Quickie, even entry level, was what I was wanting. I was denied in one breath. I had no idea what a ergonomic wheelchair cost then, but it was obviously more than a power chair. I knew right then if I accepted a power chair I would never walk again. I would never return to a healthy weight. I would be giving up regaining my health. So I said, "No, thank you," and kept at it with my cane.

It hurt.

But I never will regret my choice.