Rootbound found plants are Free-ed!

Kristin's stepmother Kimberly joined us to rescue our house plant sale bonanza. A local nursury puts all their house plants at half price or better every spring. Kristin held some very valuble gift certificates and I talked her into holding out for this particular sale. We came home with almost a grand worth of plants, very very root bound.

Armed with a beautiful Sunday and homemade lemonade with a touch of vodka, we tackled repotting on the patio with near professionalism. I say near because we were having too much fun for it to be called seriousness.

Scraping the roots from the drainage holes, they tapped the plants from their old pots, frayed the root balls and placed them in generous homes of rich soil. One after another, the ladies were relentless. Even in Vail a grand is a lot of plants.

I tended the wire baskets, rounds & halfs, lining them with straw and peat, then soil, and filling them with our sole bow to annuals.

And it's not even June, when we can plant our gardens!