Getting around to our Round Barn Dream.
Blame Vermont. Blame the Round Barn Inn. Blame the Frydenlund's.

Ultimately our nonprofit is going to grow out of our log cabin and require a training facility.

Since living a few years in Vermont, and visiting the Shelburne Museum, and doing a bit of summer gardening at the Round Barn Inn, I've been struck with the utility and beauty of a round barn.

The internet is a wonderful resource and I discovered the Frydenlund's, gatherers of all things round & barn. Their books, CDs, and collections of old blueprints have sparkled my imagination. Odd though, from being exposed to round barns in Vermont, I had no clue that most round barns weren't built into a hill. Hill built round barns have land access on all levels. Ranch Alacrity is perfectly situated with benches of land to support a hill built round barn.

Our plan is for a 120-150 foot diameter barn, three stories, dug into the bowl's western hillside. The earthen sides will offer superior isulation and land access from each floor. Our bowl, aptly called the "Dawg Bowl" is centrally located on the 40 acres of Ranch Alacrity. The bowl is also located just below the main ranch cabin. It's remoteness to our few neighbors is a great asset, both for visibility and sound barriers. We would be aware of anything long before our neighbors.

Our goal is to build this training facility to the highest green standards. We hope to incorporate every renewable energy option avaiable. Our hope is to be LEEDS certified - Gold. There are only two LEEDS certified buildings in Eagle County; we'd like to be the third.

The lower level of the barn will house our dogs in training. Standards would meet and exceed PACFA, the Colorado Pet Animal Care Facilities Act.

It is our preference that all full time employees live at Ranch Alacrity. We are addressing employee housing. We propose two units in the mid-level of the barn. One to house the Assistance Dog Program Director and another to host an intern instructor or a visiting potential service dog partner.

The top floor of the barn will be a training, teaching, and lecture area.  

We hope to begin working with a local architect beginning in August.