Those than can, Do. Those that can't, Teach. <snicker>

No other phrase raises my ire more.

Most than can Do cannot Teach. They have no clue how to itemize their gift, nor catergorize their technique to pass onto others than to breath air.

Most great teachers aren't naturals. They've fought to master the rolled "r" in Spanish, a difficult brush stroke, a technical skate or ski technique. They aren't Masters but they know what makes one, and better yet they know what steps to take to fostering a student towards mastery if it's within their student.

And then they will pass them on to a better teacher.

All my life I have been a teacher, tutor, and coach. I don't have a competitve bone in my body unless we settle down to board games, especially Scrabble & Cribbage. Board games don't matter. That's really the point. They aren't life, just fun.

Teaching is about how and why. How is easy to a coach; it all about watching and redirecting the motions. Why is harder - it's about problem solving.

In our case, with dogs, problem solving isn't as hard as you think. Leave treats in your pocket and they'll chew them out. teach them to open a zipper, and they'll just unzip the treats, no chewing.